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Quality training starts with the right instructors.

They have the knowledge and the capability to do so and are the core of every successful learning experience. Each teacher has undergone rigorous assessments and training to ensure that they have the right skills and expertise to deliver the training with results.

HTML5/CSS3 Instructor

Deborah Holmes

Deborah Holmes is an experienced supply chain professional providing a positive learning experience through practical examples from his more than 25 years of field work. He graduated from the University of Ghent as a Civil Engineer in 1996 and earned a Master of Business Administration from KU Leuven, followed by successfully completing the Harvard Executive Leadership Program in 2018.  Furthermore he holds all the APICS credentials, including CPIM, CLTD, CSCP and lean management. Over the years, he has acquired a lot of experience in various high-level consulting assignments, with a strong focus on strategic, tactical operations management & supply chain management. Currently, Luc fulfils the role of managing partner at Moore Consulting.  He is a strong believer in finding the right balance between customer voice, efficient business processes, ICT support and people's competences. Driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, he is committed to actively supporting his customers and people towards growth.

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Marketing Instructor

Bruce Stevens

After graduating with a Master of Arts in History at the University of Gent, Bruce Stevens chose a drastically different career path. For the past 7 years, he has critically evaluated logistical processes instead of historical events. During that time, he has assisted both multinational companies like Volvo Cars and Johnson & Johnson, as well as smaller companies in optimizing their inbound processes, re-organizing their warehouse, and selecting and implementing the correct planning software. After getting his certification as APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, Bruce Stevens also shares his experience and insights with the students of CIMCIL.

In his spare time, Bruce Stevens is a passionate player of videogames, fine-tuning his strategy in Civilization or introducing 5S in his household in The Sims.

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WordPress Instructor

Michelle Baker

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, then you are a true leader"

Michelle Baker is an experienced operations professional who has a passion for Operational Excellence. As a consultant and trainer, he guided already more than 1000 professionals towards a betters way of working.

He has a degree in Bio-Engineering and worked for more than 15 years in different positions in multinationals, as well as in small and medium companies. He held positions as Teamleader, Project Leader, Project Manager, Production Manager, Quality Manager, and Continuous Improvement Manager. As a trainer and as a Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt, he was involved in and at the driving seat of multiple Operational Excellence initiatives and programs at different levels of the organization. 

Today, Michelle Baker is working as a consultant at Moore, Strategy, and Operations, and as a trainer at CIMCIL, CBTKING. Here he acts as a coach, trainer, sparring partner, and inspirator for small, medium, and larger companies that want to take serious steps in improving their business.

His approach is driven by experience, Thinking, Daring, and Doing: a dynamic mix that stimulates organizations and people to take a step back to look at their operations and take further steps in their Operational Excellence Journey…

Delivering courses in the fields of Operational Excellence ( Lean Green & Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Many More) and Supply Chain (CPIM)

At home, he takes care of his three kids with his wife. He does not hesitate to bring some firework at the table by having team meetings, discussing and implementing 5S and using visual management. In the community, he is also a basketball coach for the kids and a practitioner of Wing Chun Kungfu.

Do not hesitate to contact Paul regarding any requests regarding challenges or opportunities in your organization.

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JavaScript Instructor

Paul Santos

Paul Santos graduated with a Master in Industrial Sciences at Artesis Antwerp followed by a Master in Maritime Economics & Logistics at the University of Antwerp. In the 9 years Paul Santos has worked in Supply Chain he has held positions in multiple disciplines, ranging from roles in process optimization, operational management to commercial and financial positions. First at a multinational 3PL company, later as Senior Manager at Moore Belgium. After getting his certification as APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional and succeeding a Masterclass Corporate Finance at the Vlerick Business School, Philip has taught at VIVES Brugge Business School, the Entrepreneurs Academy of UNIZO, CBTKING, and CECIL.

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Marketing Instructor

Donna Carroll

Donna Carroll is an experienced consultant in the level of Supply Chain Management and marketing, occupied with professionalizing processes and activities in the field of demand/supply chain planning, operation execution of planning activities, segmentation, strategic marketing, and target setting. He is currently working on new higher levels of integrated supply network planning and global supply chain steering, as well as innovative projects with small and medium businesses for further professionalization.

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PHP Instructor

Scott Valdez

Scott Valdez is a certified APICS Instructor, APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and The Fresh Connection Instructor.

Scott Valdez is a seasoned all-around supply chain & operations coach who focuses on delivering performance improvement by activating the involved stakeholders. Throughout his consulting & coaching journey so far, he built up practical experience throughout improvement projects covering all the major building blocks from the APICS operations/manufacturing planning & control framework. This from Strategic & Business Planning over Demand Management, S&OP until the daily shop floor and flow scheduling. The broad variation in assignments within a variety of industries makes him a very versatile ‘plug & play’ professional.

Complementary, delivering courses are a source of inspiration towards him as participants bring their operational challenges, and discussing these during the sessions in the group is definitely also energizing the change battery for all.

At home, he is taking care of 2 sons and his lovely wife, while also improving daily household tasks as for example how to load/unload the dishwasher faster, how to 5S the garage so that searching for tools is eliminated, and so on...

Do you have a challenge on how to improve a process, just shoot it towards Scott Valdez, and together you will succeed in delivering a better performance!

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